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About Aloha State Builders, Inc


We provide Design/Build services from the foundation to the roof and everything in between. A one stop shop if you will. With 48 years in the construction business there isn't too much we can't do.
From start to finish we provide all the services needed for your project from flooring to financing and refinancing, from foundations to shingles we got you covered. Our subcontractors are licensed and insured and they treat your house with respect. We take your leg work out of the equation you just sit back and enjoy the ride because we do the driving.
Our services include New Construction, Additions and Renovations of existing spaces, with myself and my subs we get your job done seamlessly whether your job site is occupied and fully functional or not. We work around your There have been many a times when we fed the dogs and even let them out. We are there for you 24/7.


The process would be we visit your future job site we discuss the details as you know it, we provide shop drawings to formalize a plan. We agree on the plan or make changes at this time, once the plan is signed by you off we move to provide you with the project budget, based on your chosen finishes.
A deposit is made and you are placed on the construction calendar. While we wait for your project to start I take you shopping to look at your finishes which include flooring,cabinets, counter tops, plumbing and electrical fixtures all of which we would like to have at the job site prior to the start so we are not waiting on items that could be back ordered.


Because your life is hectic enough our job is to make life less stress full. The last thing you want to do is call your contractor every day to find out where he is and why he's not working on your job. Baby sitting your contractor? NOT WITH US!
We are there every morning like clock work, when we leave at days end your project is swept clean or vacuumed. We treat your house with respect. Having a military background my company is built on Honor, Trust and Integrity a job well done and on time. We work with architects and designers when needed to produce beautiful and functional living spaces. Call us today and we'll make your dream come true SEAMLESSLY.
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